The one place where we expect to experience pure bliss and peace of mind is our Home. A home is not just a house with a roof over our head and four walls protecting us, it’s the small things within the house that we interact with via our vision and touches generating that warm, safe and cozy feeling that we experience which in reality makes any house, a home. As it is said, for you to feel homely you need to create that aura, which is where VK Interiors comes into the picture being one of the finest and most professional room interior designers in Hyderabad.

Master Bedroom

A shelter needs to be pleasant, secure, and cozy for you to get that homely feeling when you get back after a tiresome working day. Your house is your own personal kingdom, offering you more than just protection and privacy. Your house cannot become a home if it fails to comfort your body, soothe your senses and offer a sense of belongingness.

In the fast-paced lifestyle nowadays, we spend most of the time outside to earn a good living. When we return home, we seek to attain relaxation and spend some quality family time in the short span of hours left at hand. Hence it is necessary to design and decorate the house in such a way, that it not only soothes your eyes but your soul too.

Its scientifically proven that a sound sleep at night is capable of rejuvenating both our mind and body. All the day-to-day wear and tear is self-treated by your body during the night’s sleep, which infuses that much needed energy in you, for you to keep running the entire next day.Ironically enough, you can enjoy a sound good night sleep only if the atmosphere that you choose to lay down at, supports same. 

Guest Bedroom

In today’s time and age, one of the key features of any house is the guest bedroom. With a never-ending list of visitors, friends, and acquaintances, the need for a beautiful guest bedroom cannot be stressed enough. At VK Interiors Hub, we understand the requirement of the perfect guest bedroom and help you find the ultimate room where your guests feel comfortable at home. After all, a happy guest is a long-cherished dream by everyone and we help our clients to realize this dream too

There is no better feeling than hosting guests at home and they leaving happier then when they arrived. However, perfect hosts do not simply offer their guests a pleasant time and delicious food but also make them feel accepted, and what better way to make your guests feel at home than offering them a great space to stay over?

Kids Room

The room where the light of the home resides, often the brightest room of any home, is the room dedicated to children, the future flag bearers of the family. The kid’s room comes with a touch of bright colours with just the right amount of furniture that helps your children to be happy, comfortable and help them find their own space in a house full of adults. At VK Interiors Hub, we help you find the perfect set-up for your children’s rooms, to cultivate their inner artist and give wings to their imagination

Even if the room might be small, the need of space for your children is one of the most important things. A room for your children to stay and play at will and mold their creativity, not only allows them to grow up to be independent but will also allow them to grow in many different ways. Above all, when you offer kids their own personal space you give them a sense of being in the moment that ignites their inner productivity allowing them to grow as responsible people who can face the world with open arms, smiles on their faces and positivity in their heart.

Living Room

Well, we all know that looking for someone credible to design living room interiors in Bangalore can be a tough task because living room demands a suave décor, that aesthetically creates that welcoming yet comfortable vibe for your distinguished guests. Just like in an office or hotel, where the reception area helps to form an idea regarding what to expect next, the view of your living area can speak a lot about your hospitality and overall house interior. Not only the guests, but house occupants to spend a lot of quality family time in the living area only. Therefore, it is of utmost importance, to decorate the living room in such a way that it pleases and comforts you, and your visitors as well.