You just rented or leased new office space. To accelerate growth, you want to begin Business activities fast. However, before starting your business activities, you want to prep and ready up the work environment with a good interior design that inspires productivity and reflects onto your brand image. You need to choose a highly creative yet competent interior designer partner who can deliver your project quickly and efficiently. That’s where we – Spaceler, come in. We solve your problems through our innovative interior design solutions. Contact us for the interior design needs of your startup office.


You need a strategy for your business to flourish and thrive. You need a workspace strategy when you base your work environment on a good strategy, its impact can reach far beyond the walls and furniture. Your physical space can change the fundamental behavior and experiences of people. In turn, it can improve your business performance. That’s where we help. We have years of combined experience and expertise with commercial interior strategy development.

  • You open a new office
  • Your lease expires
  • You rebrand
  • Merge your Business with another
  • There’s Business Expansion


Offices are changing and so are the ways that employers and employees are beginning to approach the space. Gone are the days of separate offices and cubicle farms – today’s office environments are comfortable, flexible, and have employees and their productivity at center stage. 

This has led to a lot of business owners seeking to change the layouts and interiors of their current spaces. As a designer, your job is to help them realize their goals in a way that’s functional and lasting, avoiding many of the flash in the pan trends that will only date the space within a few years. There are a lot of ways to design a space, but not all of them are going to meet today’s standards for your work environment.

Director Cabin

Office is a space so full of work, documents, a formal atmosphere, and busy time. Place which is private as well as formal. It’s a place which has lots of clients to visit in as well as at times vacant from guests. Office space has to deal with different kinds of clients, meetings, guests, etc. So, to maintain the perfect balance of this formal and healthy working atmosphere designing should be formal and light to keep going the work without any tension in the surroundings.

Md’s office or cabin is the place which is the most royal, private, confidential, formal and at times it also servers to informal guests. It’s a unique combination of formal and informal has to be designed in a very dignified and elegant manner. Design idea of Md’s office should be planned to serve needs of formal, informal and Md’s personal needs of the managing director as well.

Discussion Room

Everyone knows that unnecessary meetings are the worst part of any workday. But for the meetings that do need to happen, having them in a conference room that is well-designed and outfitted with the correct tools can make a big difference when trying to get things accomplished.
At Office Snapshots, we use the term Meeting Room to designate rooms where meetings happen, though globally conference room and meeting room are used interchangeably. When categorizing project photos we differentiate these spaces by their size and formality even though the function of being a room where people meet is essentially the same:

Small Meeting Room: Meeting rooms which seat 6 or less people
Large Meeting Room: Meeting rooms which seat 7 or more people
Boardroom: Meeting rooms which are more formal and are reserved for executives


The reception area of your office is a vital part of your interior design. It sets the tone for your clients as soon as they walk in the door. Use these tips for reception area interior design to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your clients when they enter your business.

Pantry Room/Cafeteria

The key to a spotless kitchen is a well-organized pantry. These two spaces make a perfect team, with the kitchen doing the heavy lifting in terms of prep and the pantry providing plenty of room to stash tools, ingredients, and serving pieces. While storage is the centerpiece of the pantry and should be the main consideration when it comes to design, the space can do double duty as a bar or a secondary prep area for food and floral arrangements. It can also serve as a showcase for collections of glassware and china, on open shelving, in glass-front cabinets, or even on the wall. See how Steven Gambrel, Barbara Westbrook, Ray Booth, and other designers have created highly organized and beautifully functional pantry spaces.