The kitchen is an innate part of any household, as the very food we enjoy sitting on our table is prepared here. A kitchen in any house needs to be appropriately designed, to ensure that it makes the whole process of cooking a pleasurable yet engaging experience. A well-planned kitchen will always ensure optimum usage of available space.

People hate the idea of spending hours inside an ordinary-looking space that is stuffed with utensils, containers, and home appliances while preparing a meal for others, as the process can become really monotonous sometimes. Kitchen space, therefore, requires serious and detailed attention while designing, as this place is the hub for innovation on a daily basis and a monotonous vibe can Marr the creative senses, altogether.

We at Vk Interiors Hub, have quite a considerable amount of experience in designing, as well as renovating the kitchen interiors in Hyderabad. Our in-house experts of kitchen interior design in Hyderabad have the aptitude and professional skills to aesthetically upgrade this integral space of your house, so that cooking never feels boring.

U-Shaped Kitchen

Home is where the heart is, and heart is where the delicious food is. Kitchen is an integral part of any Indian household, and plays an important part in the interior décor journey of your dream home. A lot depends on the design and layout you choose for your kitchen. We at Vk Interiors Hub, are experts in creating an elegant U shaped kitchen, that you need to motivate your inner master chef.

The U-shaped kitchen is one of the most practical and convenient kitchen design amongst all. They are liked majorly because they add extra countertop and shelf space with ample space to move, when compared to a L-shaped or Galley kitchen. Planning and executing various designs of U-shaped kitchens is also comparatively easier, with only one exit point and a smooth symmetry. If you wish to go with a U-shaped kitchen for your new nest, the experts at Vk Interiors Hub will be at your disposal at every step of your décor journey.

L-Shaped Kitchen

In any culture, kitchen binds the family as food brings everyone together, be it over a quick afternoon snack or a lavish Sunday meal. Due to this very reason, deciding on the right style of kitchen plays an important part in the processof moving into a new house, or refurbishing an old one. Having been said that, kitchen is usually one of the most underrated part of home.

Many a times,not focusing properly on designing the kitchen might result in you ending up with a space, that neither fits your cooking style nor does it accommodate all your cutleries and appliances. But with the expert suggestions provided by the Decorpot design team, you won’t have to compromise even a bit.

Parallel Kitchen

What’s better than having a single kitchen counter? It is having two of them! That too on either side. Parallel kitchen is an idea, which is becoming more and more favoured in modern homes due to the amount of counter top space than you get for kitchen chores.

Parallel kitchens make the available space extremely efficient and compact. With two long parallel counters standing parallel and an aisle running in between, you get to divide your work accordingly. Compared to other kitchen layouts, parallel kitchen is much more convenient to plan and design. To deliver the right kitchen design setup and colour scheme for your parallel kitchen, we have a vast array of designer concepts and a skilled team of experts at VK interiors hub.

Island Kitchen

With our lifestyles becoming busier day by day, the way our houses look and interior décor elements function are changing fast as well, and the one part of the house that bears the impact of this effect directly, is the kitchen. This is where you go to fix a quick morning breakfast on work days, or spend a couple of hours on the perfect Sunday brunch.

Kitchen is that part of home which has been through the most drastic change in recent times in order to keep up with our contemporary lifestyle, and to be honest, no one is complaining. We, at Decorpot, have an array of designs and concepts referring to different types of kitchen, and the one we keep coming back to repeatedly is the island-style kitchen. Whether your counters are parallel, straight or L-shaped, the island in the middle is always a great addition to the kitchen area. The size and shape of the island are directly proportional to the amount of floor area your kitchen has.