Commercial interior design pertains to the interior design of different commercial spaces, such as retail spaces, offices, lobbies, restaurants, and other places for public use. Ideas for designing commercial spaces commence with the planning process. Interior designers study the current design trends in the industry and collaborate with architects to organize elements that can determine the final look of the completed space.

Good planning, creative design thinking, space management, skilled handiwork, and precise execution are the critical ingredients for a well-made commercial space. Applying interior design techniques that effortlessly blend can build visually exciting rooms that follow specific themes, bringing an exciting twist to an otherwise bland area. Although good commercial interiors might usually remain unnoticed by most, it is known to significantly improve the surrounding space and encourage people to spend more time in the vicinity. Thus, it adds value to business growth.

Food Court

When it comes to planning a food court design layout, there are many crucial things to consider, such as theme or concept development, provision of ventilation, storage planning, and lighting system. The considerations help you to properly measure and improve the efficiency of your restaurant operations. Continuing the discussion.


When eating out, a good review isn’t solely down to the food; a restaurant’s interior plays an important role in the whole experience. Knowing how to create an environment that complements the menu and the space’s interior architecture is no simple feat.

From defining restaurant furniture to choosing a colour palette and lighting plan, our Interior Design team share their advice along with insightful commentary by David Collins Studio.


If you are the owner of a showroom or Boutique, and customer convenience and store appeal is on top of your mind, VK interiors Hub can help.

We can generate more walk-ins for your Business by implementing best in class retail design strategies inclusive of storefront layout planning and installation. We understand what it takes to create interiors that attract more customers, get them to keep looking for more products, and finally encourage them to head towards the billing counter. Our design plays a critical part, in getting you more sales.


Healthcare is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ thing. The same goes for healthcare spaces and furniture that supports it. The healthcare interior designers’ team at Vk Interiors Hub is committed to excellence and commitment to this complex discipline. We create the best environment for healthcare delivery while ensuring the safety and welfare of patients and staff alike at hospitals, clinics, labs, and residential care facilities.

Whether you are starting, expanding, or renovating your healthcare facility, reach us to ensure delivery of an optimized healthcare facility interior while ensuring patients’ health improvement creates returns from your real estate investments. We are the partners of choice for providing interiors for ergonomic, aesthetically consistent, and comfortable medical facilities across Hyderabad.


These showroom interiors have essentially a leading of design trends. Showroom interior designing involves a lot of commitment that has to start from day-1. This would mean a lot of planning at the earlier stages of planning long to see the results. Designing of any store would end being an experience. Nobody wants to enter a dull, monotonous store anymore. A good design, trendy layout never fails to catch the attention of the customers.

A layout should take care of circulation space, display units, cash counter, and other requirements according to the nature of the product and seating required for customers. Besides being beautiful, it should be viable. 

Spa & Salon

Although they say, ‘beauty is skin deep’, given the chance every individual wants to feel and look special on any given day. For this to happen your salon is the place they seek, which exudes that sense of style and glamour that you wish to impart to make them all feel glamorous and pretty.

Your ideas of decor can easily be incorporated into your salon. Hygienic practices being a must, items are selected on the basis of easy maintenance and cleaning. Whether your working space is small or large our technology-driven 3D templates will allow you to arrive at a comfortable work layout.